Xlswrite matlab overwrite a file

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Matlab to Excel

xlswrite('hopebayboatdays.com'[B,C]); It hopebayboatdays.com the value of B and C are changing in each hopebayboatdays.com,the value is overwrite in each hopebayboatdays.com,I want to store each values of B and C with a specific column name(for example X_data and Y_data).

If your computer does not have Excel for Windows ® or you are using MATLAB ® Online™, then the xlswrite function: Writes array A to a text file in comma-separated value (CSV) format. You cannot use csvwrite() or dlmwrite() to selectively overwrite columns. You would need to use xlswrite() or writetable() to selectively overwrite columns.

Creating Excel files with Python and XlsxWriter

If you are just trying to create a new file with those entries as the only content, then the easiest way is to do it "manually". As you currently have it set up, xlswrite will overwrite the same cells with the new data during each iteration of the for loop. I would suggest putting the information you want to save into indexed rows of an array, and then printing the entire array to excel after the loop has completed.

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Xlswrite matlab overwrite a file
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