Why women hate their bodies

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Why Do Majority of Women Hate Their Body?

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In the first time, we look at women around us. Women’s hatred of their bodies is such an everyday phenomenon that we pay no heed to just how deeply it cuts into our sense of self. It’s a stupid tick, some silly idea that we picked up in our youth and still haven’t managed to shake off.

Women’s National Health Week, an annual awareness event dedicated to all issues related to women’s health, was May this year. In honor of this year’s message, “It’s your time,” I. Women are often self-conscious about their bodies and most women hate their stomachs.

Our society gives off a specific image of beauty and sometimes when a woman doesn’t fit that frame, they are hard on themselves. Many of the women in this study *are* at a healthy weight, and still hate their bodies.

We're Raising Girls Who Hate Their Bodies

Furthermore, "perfection" doesn't necessarily have to do with being the right weight (the study didn't say anything about people feeling too fat).

Women’s hatred of their bodies is such an everyday phenomenon that we pay no heed to just how deeply it cuts into our sense of self.

It’s a stupid tick, some silly idea that we picked up in our youth and still haven’t managed to shake off. An astonishing 90 per cent of women say their body causes them to feel down, a survey reveals today. And more than two-thirds would resort to .

Why women hate their bodies
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Why women hate their bodies