Scientific analysis of car crash

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The major advantage of a FEM model is its capability to represent geometrical and material details of the structure. The engineers at Collision Research and Analysis have been developing and utilizing the latest computer software for over two decades.

Rooted in the Scientific Laws of Motion, as well as Energy Conservation, our engineers have developed and worked with developers for. Get the latest science news and technology news, read tech reviews and more at ABC News.

Vehicular accident reconstruction is the scientific process of investigating, analyzing, and drawing conclusions about the causes and events during a vehicle collision. Reconstructionists are employed to conduct in-depth collision analysis and reconstruction to identify the collision causation and contributing factors in different types of collisions.

JACKSON HOLE SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATIONS, INC NATHAN SHIGEMURA PROGRAMS. 2 Conservation of Linear Momentum: COLM As Crash Reconstructionists, we have learned COLM can be a powerful tool for analysis.

If we do a complete COLM analysis, we can find more than just impact speeds. A.

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Thole / Procedia Computer Science 00 () – Fig. 1. Our workflow for the analysis of crash data. We cluster the finite element nodes of the car model to gain a first insight into the behavior of the crash and then use nonlinear dimensionality reduction methods to .

Scientific analysis of car crash
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