Sayan mitra thesis

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Sayan Mitra

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Mathematics occupies a core intellectual position at NISER, an institution that is striving to be recognized as a Center of Excellence in science education and research in basic School of Mathematics was established as a core department of the NISER along with other three Schools from the very beginning of NISER in Sayan Mitra Curriculum Vitae · Played a leading role in designing a tool for translating TIOA specifications to the language of the PVS theorem prover.

MS Thesis, Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. Abstract BiB PS PDF On Continuous Timed Automata with Input-Determined Guards.

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First and foremost, the successful completion of this thesis is a tribute to the extraordinary guidance from my adviser, Prof.

Daniel Liberzon, who has always been patient, open-minded, and supportive during my Ph.D. studies. Daniel Liberzon and Sayan Mitra. In Proceedings of 19th ACM International Conference on Hybrid System: Computation and Control (HSCC ), Vienna, Austria.

Controller synthesis for linear time-varying systems with adversaries. Zhenqi Huang, Yu Wang, Sayan Mitra, and Geir Dullerud. distributed collaborative search.

In this thesis, we introduce the program-ming abstractions as StarL primitives that are platform independent and useful across hardware platforms, resulting in portability.

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We rst introduce the primitives as building blocks to easily develop, simulate and debug dis-tributed robotic applications in StarL.

Sayan mitra thesis
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