Prosodic analysis

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Andrew Rosenberg: Advancing Prosodic Analysis

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Prosodic Analysis Essay

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Prosodic Analysis

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Prosodic Analysis

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Automatic Prosodic Analysis to Identify Mild Dementia

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Chapter 21 Part II: Experimental methods and paradigms for prosodic analysis* Pilar Prieto ICREA-UPF Submitted to: Handbook of Laboratory Phonology, ed. by Abigail Cohn, Cécile Fougeron, and Marie Huffman. Chapter 21 Part II: Experimental methods and paradigms for prosodic analysis* Pilar Prieto ICREA-UPF Submitted to: Handbook of Laboratory Phonology, ed.

by. This paper deals with quantitative prosodic analysis of neutral, stress-modified and rhymed speech in patients with PD. The analysis of prosody is based on quantification of monopitch, monoloudness, and speech rate abnormalities. This article presents experimental approaches to prosodic analysis and describes the design and analysis of prosodic corpora of both naturalistic and controlled speech.

The rhythm and sound of all prose are subject to analysis, but, compared with even the simplest verse, the “prosodic” structure of prose seems haphazard, unconsidered. The poet organizes structures of sound and rhythm into rhyme, stanzaic form, and, most importantly, metre.

Prosodic analysis
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