Program music richard strausss don quixote

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Don Quixote

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Don Quixote

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Richard Strauss – Don Quixote

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Program Music: Richard Strauss's "Don Quixote" Words May 4th, 6 Pages Before the Romantic musical age, composers wrote music for the purpose of arranging sounds into the most beautiful way possible. Sancho tries to keep Don from attacking them, but Don attacks anyways. In the book, Don Quixote loses this battle because the shepherds end up throwing stones at him, but in the music Strauss.

Don Quixote, Op. 35 is a tone poem by Richard Strauss for cello, viola, and orchestra. Subtitled Phantastische Variationen über ein Thema ritterlichen Charakters (Fantastic Variations on a Theme of Knightly Character), the work is based on the novel Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes.

Richard Strauss () "Don Quixote" is absolute program music and program music run wild in which Strauss has well-nigh exhausted the ordinary orchestral effects and invented new ones.

Program music

The role of Don Quijote, assigned by Strauss to a solo cello, has been performed by all the major cello soloists of the 20 th century, some of them identified so much.

Richard Strauss Born June 11, in Munich, Germany Died September 8, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Strauss’ Don Quixote, subtitled by the composer, “Do you know what absolute music is?

I don’t! I want to be able to depict in music a glass of beer so accurately that every listener can tell whether it is a Pilsner or.

Program music richard strausss don quixote
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