Business rules and business intelligence

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Comparison of the Best Business Intelligence Software Products in 2018

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Business intelligence process creates an environment for better decision-making. To make successful business decisions, you need to gain insight in business intelligence, follow the main steps of the key performance indicators (KPI) cycle, find the best source to store and process operational data.

W hich is the best business intelligence (BI) tool?What makes it the best one?

Business intelligence

What do existing customers think of their BI tools? Is the best business intelligence software also the right one for my business? Give business users anytime, anywhere access to decision-ready intelligence with the SAP BusinessObjects BI suite. Flexible and scalable, self-service BI makes it easy for users to discover and share insights in real time.

The six levels of the Business Intelligence (BI) Maturity Model are measured by the value provided to the business vs the sophistication of the tool suite.

The lowest level of business intelligence maturity (level 0) is characterized by fractured reporting at different times using different data sources and rules for defining metrics within an organization.

Business Intelligence roles and competences

As more and more business organizations turn to business intelligence software for growth, the market for such tools is expected to further expand. Hierarchy is an ordered sequence of dimensions which is very helpful for multi-dimensional analysis of data. e.g. time hierarchy.

Day->Week->Month->Quarter->Year Multidimensional analysis enables user to see data from different perspective which uncovers the various pattern in data which would be very helpful in taking tactful business decision.

Business rules and business intelligence
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