Business inovation

Tools: Business Model Canvas, 6 Steps Approach to Business Model Innovation

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The Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation

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The Institute for Business Innovation disseminates pioneering research on innovation, trains students to be inventive and entrepreneurial leaders, and facilitates innovation in.

The Innovation Network business incubators are located throughout Montgomery County adjacent to Washington, D.C. with strategic access to the federal and commercial marketplace. NoCamels is the leading news website covering the Startup Nation, with a focus on Israeli innovation in technology, science, design, medicine and cybersecurity.

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Improving innovation

International Exchange alumni website--a place where past and present U.S. government-sponsored exchange program participants find tools to advance their communities and our world.

AGI is the membership body for anyone working in or with the GI/geospatial industries from developers and analysts to policy makers and business intelligence.

Michele Payn is Named The Third Judge in Lely's The Way To Dairy Award. Michele Payn has been named the third and final judge in Lely North America’s The Way To Dairy Award.

Business inovation
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