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Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Miller Hemingway

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Watch video · Ernest Hemingway Biography Author (–) Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway is seen as one of the great American 20th century novelists.

The Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Ernest Miller Hemingway "for his mastery of the art of narrative, most recently demonstrated in The Old Man and the Sea, and for the influence that he has exerted on contemporary style".

Ernest Hemingway, in full Ernest Miller Hemingway, (born July 21,Cicero [now in Oak Park], Illinois, U.S.—died July 2,Ketchum, Idaho), American novelist and short-story writer, awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in He was noted both for the intense masculinity of his writing and for his adventurous and widely publicized life.

Biography of Ernest Miller Hemingway (). Ernest Hemingway. Narrator and reporter, born in Oak Park (satellite city of Chicago, in the State of Illinois) on July 21,and died on July 2, in Ketchum (Idaho). Ernest Miller Hemingway was born into an affluent family in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois, on July 21,the eldest of six children.

His father, Clarence Edmond, was a physician. Biography of Ernest Miller Hemingway Ernest Miller Hemingway was an American novelist, journalist, writer of short stories, and winner of the Nobel Prize for literature. He created a distinguished body of prose fiction, much of it based on adventurous life.

Biography of ernest miller hemingway
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