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This is a hassle-free site -- no popups, no animations, no user IDs, no cookies, no spyware, and no huge graphics.

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Enjoy. Entrepreneurs. hopebayboatdays.com showcases entrepreneur company profiles to over 8, Angel Investors & Venture Capitalists. Sign Up Investors. hopebayboatdays.com presents VCs, accredited Angel Investors, Family Offices and Corporate Venture Funds with an opportunity to review quality dealflow that matches their criteria.

Das StartAngels Network ist eine Plattform für Business Angel Investoren Unsere Mission ist, den Mitgliedern Zugang zu attraktiven Investitionen in Early Stage Unternehmen in der Schweiz zu ermöglichen. The StartAngels Network is a platform for Business Angel investors Our mission is to offer our members access to attractive investment opportunities in early-stage Swiss companies.

Nordic Angel Program (NAP) is an international cross-border training and investing program for business angels. NAP facilitates cross-border angel syndicates and. Welcome to Cambridge Angels. Cambridge Angels is a leading UK business angel network with international connections.

We are a collaborative Cambridge-based group, actively mentoring and investing in innovative entrepreneurial teams and their ideas. Yorkshire Association of Business Angels (YABA) is managed by Envestors Limited. We prepare companies for investment and raise equity funding through .

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