A discussion on speeding

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The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

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What to Do If You Get a Speeding Ticket

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Speed (1994) Discussion

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Template: Speeding NIP Not Received In Time

The oft-repeated warning to Jamaican motorists, in an effort to reduce the carnage on the roads, is "Speed kills", but a study of the fatal accidents across the island last year found that lane violation and not speeding was the main cause of road.

Purpose of the discussion: The number of speeding incidents is not reducing despite speeding being covered by one of our ten Lifesaving Rules. In line with new guidance that has been released to discuss the appropriate investigation of speeding driving breaches we would like to consider the Lifesaving Rule ‘Always obey the speed limit’ and discuss what that means for you.

It is a little elementary, but we notice our students struggle with handling even just that activity. I really would like to try the speed dating discussion technique sometime- this would be like you said, way more of an intimate conversation and I’m betting more students will open up more on a 1 on 1 basis, rather than whole group.

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A discussion on speeding
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